ConcelhosXXI – Administrative redistricting in Portugal

Discussion about administrative reform on a municipality level in Portugal has been over the past few years an active and taboo topic. Since Portugal joined EU in 1986 during the following decades the country has become more and more heterogeneous, the differences between the inland part of the country with the coastal areas has increased tremendously. Continue reading

TrailMap, webGIS for Trail Running information

Over the past year we have been participating on some trail running events here in Portugal. It is a new and fast expanding sport activity but it lacks much technical information for participants before such events.
Since our last event in January 11, we developed a new product in order to give participants more information about trail running events. The concept of the product can also be applied to MTB events as such events share much of the features of a trail running events (elevation profiles, slope information, etc.).
Check TrailMap in detail and give us some feedback for future development.

2015 the year of truly webGIS?

First of all, wish you all a kicking 2015!

2014 ended with great news for webGIS lovers, namely the Turf project. Turf allows common GIS spatial operations directly on your web browser, without the usual requests to backend APIs. This brings a new world of possibilities on developing webGIS applications, specially if you think on the complexity behind major GIS backend APIs and libraries.

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Portuguese OSM extracts – 1 Year

It’s been almost a year since the first release of Portuguese municipal level OpenStreetMap extracts. As you may remember these extracts are updated on a (almost) weekly basis and are public via my Dropbox account. In order to facilitate end users a small webmap was developed last August. More recently in November, and asked by OSGEO-PT chapter, support for Shapefiles (zipped) was added as download option.

Let’s check some of the results we’ve had during these last 5 months, when we included some Google Analytics code within the webmap application:

ZIP (Shapefiles)6
Oliveira de Azeméis4
Angra do Heroísmo3
São Roque do Pico1
São Pedro do Sul1
Vila Nova de Famalicão1

You can check it and increase these numbers by visiting:

Derive tracks for all terrain vehicles

I was asked last October by some all terrain fan friends, to derive a route to a given place in Portugal only on gravel roads.

I immediately thought OSM to perform this task, so I filtered highways information (track, path, unclassified, etc). Unfortunately it was not possible to calculate a direct route without hitting tarmac roads, so I used QGis to create some fancy maps (21 maps), where I could show my friends all the roads hitting a 5km radius around a direct line from point A and B. As I cannot grant correctness of information provided by OSM, that would be a task to perform while driving to the desired place.

Here is a preview of the maps created during this task: