TrailMap, webGIS for Trail Running information

Over the past year we have been participating on some trail running events here in Portugal. It is a new and fast expanding sport activity but it lacks much technical information for participants before such events.
Since our last event in January 11, we developed a new product in order to give participants more information about trail running events. The concept of the product can also be applied to MTB events as such events share much of the features of a trail running events (elevation profiles, slope information, etc.).
Check TrailMap in detail and give us some feedback for future development.

2015 the year of truly webGIS?

First of all, wish you all a kicking 2015!

2014 ended with great news for webGIS lovers, namely the Turf project. Turf allows common GIS spatial operations directly on your web browser, without the usual requests to backend APIs. This brings a new world of possibilities on developing webGIS applications, specially if you think on the complexity behind major GIS backend APIs and libraries.

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