2015 the year of truly webGIS?

First of all, wish you all a kicking 2015!

2014 ended with great news for webGIS lovers, namely the Turf project. Turf allows common GIS spatial operations directly on your web browser, without the usual requests to backend APIs. This brings a new world of possibilities on developing webGIS applications, specially if you think on the complexity behind major GIS backend APIs and libraries.

During 2013 I had a first touch with this new GIS ‘trend’ via the JSTS project. Despite it was only used to perform some basic intersection tests for a mapbook development for the MapFish Print client, I was very happy with the performance of it and size of the minified library.

Turf brings this to another new level. You can use the all package as a framework or call specific modules needed by your application. In my case I could use only the module turf-intersect without having to make available all the library script.

During the next year we will properly test Turf and output some findings, taking into account mainly performance issues.

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