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  1. Welcome!

    The Quality of Life Dashboard is designed to help assess the health of neighborhoods in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.

  2. Metrics

    Use this control to select the Metric you're interested in.

  3. Map

    The Map is fully interactive - you can pan, zoom, and select neighborhoods by mouse or touch.

  4. Search

    The Search control lets you search for almost anything. Type in a neighborhood number, the first part of an address, or a place name, and select a match using your mouse, keyboard, or by touch.

    Ex: Try typing 700 n

  5. Year

    The Year controls let you control the year being shown on the map and in the Bar Chart.

  6. Data Controls

    Use these buttons to toggle the base map, show the data table, clear any selected neighborhoods, or create a report if you have one or more neighborhoods selected.

  7. Average

    The Average for County NPA's and any selected NPA's is shown here. The County NPA Average is indicated by a dashed line on the charts.

  8. Bar Chart

    The Bar Chart shows a lot of information about the Metric. First, it acts as a legend for the map - the map colors correspond to the the chart colors. It also shows you the density of the data - the taller the quantile, or bar, the more neighborhoods exist in that range.

    The dashed line represents the average value of the neighborhoods.

  9. Line Chart

    The Line Chart shows the trend of the metric over time. The dashed line represents the average value of the neighborhoods.

  10. Metric Information

    The bottom of the page shows more information about the metric, including a brief description, why it is important, where the data came from, and additional resources.